About me


Software engineer and team lead at Catawiki (Payments domain) interested in different technologies, approaches and programming languages. After graduating at University of Zagreb (Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varazdin) in the masters program of Information and software engineering, I started my professional journey in Portugal. I worked on several projects in the fields of finance and education. After 2.5 years I decided to move to the Netherlands to work in a software agency focused on health and education. After 3 great years of working in a small team for many different clients I wanted to challenge myself with a bigger team and a product oriented company, so I chose for Catawiki. When it comes to the languages I do have a preferance towards Ruby but for more details on the stack please check some of the links below.

With many different projects I learned the importance of reliable and maintainable code that drives me to strive for the best possible implementation keeping in mind the goals of the project and the business at the given moment.

I strongly believe in the importance of communities, places where people come to learn and exchange their knowledge.

In my free time I enjoy cycling, nature, photography, traveling, reading, art, cooking and baking.








M. Simicic