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Switching from Ruby to Python - Syntax, scopes, decorators and generators

Published: May 09, 2020 15:15

A short list of some of the concepts and differences if you are switching from Ruby to Python.

Focus and learning - how to learn effectively and stay motivated

Published: April 14, 2020 09:52

A while back I quit my software engineering at an e-commerce website and decided to seek opportunities that bring more value to the society. While enjoying my time off I decided to pick up some new skills. This is an overview of what keeps me busy and how I approached my development while being stay at home mom.

You cannot learn without trying

Published: February 13, 2017 20:46

Understanding the importance of lifelong learning is essential for a successful life.

FOSDEM 2017 - Another great experience

Published: February 06, 2017 21:09

Yet another year at FOSDEM that does not dissapoint. An amazing diverse group of people, with great speakers and even better talks. Inspiring and motivating!

Entry level Ruby on Rails developer

Published: April 25, 2016 05:28

You tried Rails and you love it but pure love does not pay the bills, so you want to find an RoR entry level job. What should you know?

Using devise with multiple models

Published: April 14, 2016 19:31

Different devise models can be a good idea if they have very little or none in common. Extending and overriding is simple but respect basic rules.

Hack The Brain - Focus Guard

Published: June 29, 2015 20:48

Together with Thijs Zumbrink, Rik van Duijn , Thomas Bohlken and Mik Langhout I decided to accept the challenge and to develop a Focus Guard! It is an Android application that blocks all the incoming calls and messages on your phone if you are in your high concentration mode, it is like controlling the phone with your brain. For real! Let's go through the problem and the solution itself so you have better idea what our team, the Guardians of the Focus, did.